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OB Tuna Ceviche

Old Bones Chilli Co Tune Ceviche

This dish is a go to for me when I want to sneaky impress with the least possible effort. It’s a super easy single bowl recipe and perfect for long hot days... light but filling and straight up YUM 

When it comes to eating raw fish I find Tuna is a great entry level. Its firm, meaty texture has only a subtle “ocean flavor”. If raws tuna is a little to freaky for you, you can always sear tuna.

Veges are up to your taste. For me, less is best, around 3-4 veges is usually perfect, you need things thatll stand up to the acidic dressing; onions, caps, cucumbers, jicama (mejican sweet potato), stone fruits and chillis, make your mix, change it up depending on season

Herbs are super important, I love herbs, I eat bunches of coriander with everything (fight me!) They add a depth of flavor, freshness and can complement and elevate ingredients. A great option in this recipe is punchy citrusy coriander, however I've used chives and or dill something different and I like them 


OB Tuna Ceviche Recipe 

9 oz Raw Tuna

1 x eshallot 

1/2 red caps

1/4 of a cucumber 

1 1/2 tbsp Avocado (should there be a limit honestly?)

3 Tablespoons/or to taste Roasted Sesame Japanese dressing

1 1/2 tablespoons/or to taste OB Smoked garlic chilli sauce

salt and pepper to taste

To Serve

A bowl

The corn chip of your choice (I like mine circular, dunno why just do)


Dice up tuna: Trim off any excess sinew (the white stretchy, stringy stuff) and cut your tuna into small squares, I like to keep mine just under 1cm, you want the tuna to stand up to the dressing. To small and your ceviche will be a mushy sauce party, you wanna taste that tuna! Once diced, cover the bowl and keep outside

Dice veggies: Eshallot removes skin and dine like you would and onion. For the capsicum I use red or yellow (naturally sweeter) trim the pith (the white bits inside) and slice and dice into little cubes. Cucumber, you want to remove the seeds (they'll make your ceviche mushy) and slice and dice into small cubes. The size of your cubes is up to you, though you want them to be smaller than your Tuna. Chuck them in the bowl with your tuna

Chop Up Herb: Try not cut your herbs to finely! You want to taste the herb! Chuck them in the Bowl

Add Your Dressing: Now you CAN make your own dressing, theres plenty online recipes BUT this is my secret.... THIS stuff in a FLAVOR BOMB and work damn well when mixed with OB, the balance in peeeerfff 

Mix it up and MOST importantly taste it: This is how you make your mark... mix the contents of the bowl and TASTE it, ask yourself what does it need? or what do you like... I love my food BOLD so I smash it with extra dressing and Hotsauce.

Lets it stand for 10 mins: Its a ceviche! the acid in the dressing is actually *cooking the fish* so you gotta let it sit in the bowl so all those flavours can hang out, get to know each other and send you to flavour town. 

Garnish with Avo: Slice and diced raw or in the form of guac, avo add a beautiful rich fattiness to finish. A couple of cubes scattered over the top or big old wad of guac on the side both work a treat.

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