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International Hot Sauce Awards 2024, Berlin

🥇 1st Place Jawbreaker - Extra Hot Category

🥈 2nd Place Longhorn - Hot Category

🥉 3rd Place  Jalapeno & Garlic Pepper Sauce - Mild category

🥉 3rd Place  Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce BBQ category

4th Place Smoked Chilli Churri - Mild category

 4th Place Peri Peri - Hot category

 5th Place Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce (Extra Hot) - Medium Hot category

Scovie Awards 2024

🥇 1st Place Spiced Chilli Oil - Condiments - Hot & Spicy (Chile Oil) category

🥈 2nd Place Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce - Kid Friendly (Not So Hot) category

🥈 2nd Place Jalapeno and Garlic Sauce - Green Chile Sauce category

🥈 2nd Place Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce (Extra Hot) - Wing Sauce Traditional Hot category

🥈 2nd Place Buffalo Sauce - Wing Sauce Traditional Mild/Medium category

🥉 3rd Place Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce - BBQ sauce (Unique) category

🥉 3rd Place Peri Peri Sauce - Wing sauce (Unique) category

NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2023

🥇 1st Place Pepper Blend Hot: Screaming Mi Mi Award - Longhorn

🥉 3rd Place Jalapeno Sauce: Screaming Mi Mi Award - Jalapeno & Garlic 

🥉 3rd Place Reaper Sauce: Screaming Mi Mi Award - Jawbreaker

International Spicy Awards

Spicy Flave Awards 2023

🥇 1st Place Wing Sauce - Extra HotSmoked Garlic Chilli Sauce (Extra Hot)

🥈 2nd Place Condiments - Chilli Oil - Spiced Chilli Oil  

🥈 2nd Place Salsa (Hot) - Smoked Chilli Churri

Saucetown Awards 2023 - Salt Lake City

🥈 2nd Place Hot Sauce (Hot) - Jawbreaker

The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival 2023

🥇 1st Place People's Choice Pepper Sauce - Jawbreaker

🥇 1st Place People's Choice Red Sauce: - Longhorn

🥈 2nd Place Comercial Bottlers Red Sauce - Longhorn 

🥉 3rd Place Commercial Bottlers Pepper Sauce - Jawbreaker 

Artisan Flave Awards 2023

🥈 2nd Place Buffalo Sauce Wing Sauce category

🥈 2nd Place Smoked Chilli Churri Chutney / Relish category

Karbach Hot Sauce Festival Awards 2023 - Houston

🥈 2nd Place Best Hot Sauce Company

Sydney Chilli Festival 2023

🥇 1st Place Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce - Hot Sauce  - Mr Chilli Awards


Scovie Awards 2023

🥇 1st Place Jaw Breaker -Hot Sauce - All Natural (XXX Hot) category

🥈 2nd Place
Spiced Chilli Oil - Condiments - Hot & Spicy (Chile Oil) category

🥈 2nd Place Smoked Chilli Churri - Condiments - Not Hot & Spicy (Meat Sauce) category

🥈 2nd Place Smoked Chilli Churri (Hot) in the Prepared Sauce (Unique) category

🥉 3rd Place
Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce in the Kid Friendly (Not So Hot) category

Fiery Food Challenge - ZestFest 2022 - Dallas

🥇 1st Place (Golden Chile) Hot Sauce: Pepper Blend (Hot/X-Hot Consumer Ready) - Longhorn

🥈 2nd Place Hot Sauce: Pepper Blend ( Mild/Medium Consumer Ready) - Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce Extra Hot

🥈 2nd Place Marketing: Logo 

🥉 3rd Place People's Choice Award (Hot Sauce) - Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce

🥉 3rd Place Best New Product (Consumer Ready Food) - Longhorn

The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival 2022

🥉 3rd Place Best Pepper Sauce - Jaw Breaker

Saucetown Awards 2022 - Salt Lake City

🥇 1st Place Best Hot Sauce (Mild) - Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce

🥇1st Place Best Hot Sauce (Extra Hot) - Jaw Breaker

🥇1st Place Best BBQ / Marinade - Chilli Churri

🥈 Runner Up Best Hot Sauce (Hot) - Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce Extra Hot

Karbach Hot Sauce Festival Awards 2022 - Houston

🥈 2nd Place Best Hot Sauce Company

Mr Chilli Awards 2022 (Australia)

🥈 2nd Place Best Chilli Beef Jerky (Mild / Medium) - Smoked Garlic Chilli Beef Jerky (Sorry, our Beef Jerky is currently only available in Australia)

Mr Chilli Awards 2020 (Australia)

🥉 3rd Place Chilli Sauce (Habanero) Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce

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