Who Is Old Bones?

Company Profile

Launched in September 2019, Old Bones Chilli Co is a family owned and operated Chilli Sauce & Condiments producer based in Sydney, Australia. 

With products handmade and bottled at our production kitchen in Sydney, we are all about the flavour, not just the heat. 

We believe that sauce should enhance a meal, not mask it.

While regular hot sauce brands compete for the hottest sauce (that will be used once, then gather dust), we are democratizing hot sauce and bringing it to the people for everyday use. We can bring the heat (and do in our XHOT range), but also bring exceptional flavour, making hot sauce accessible to a wider market.

To create our unique flavours, we invented our own methods of production, including developing our own innovative chilli-smoking method (a trade secret) to deliver a unique and distinctive Old Bones taste signature, lovingly crafted by our Head Chef & Chilli Wizard, Joshua Ngaire, who has over 14 years of fine dining experience.

We launched the company with our flagship, the Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce, quickly followed by the ‘Extra Hot’. From there, in one and half years, our range has grown to nine products.

Our values are to produce delicious and innovative chilli-based products which are different from the competition, uncompromising attention to quality and detail, great customer service and swift fulfilment of orders.

We also supply to brick & mortar businesses, sell via various e-commerce channels, attend weekend markets and chilli festivals and are always happy to collaborate!

Old Bones proudly employs Disability Services Australia as our labelling contractor and we a Veteran-owned business, providing discounts to our veterans and their families. We are a proud Australian brand and soon we’ll be exporting our sauce to Texas, the world’s capital of hot sauce.


From the Chilli Wizard...

With 14 years in the industry as a chef, I often found myself up at 2am watching quality trash TV like Guy Fieri specials and anything with Matty Matheson. The BBQ and hot sauce obsession and experimentation began from there... 

Having worked in a variety of different venues across Australia and New Zealand, I’ve always had constant access to condiments. Combined with a year of backpacking all over the world, I was able to use the variety of techniques I learned to create the perfect range of chilli products that focus on big flavours rather than blowing your head off. Not only that, but every bottle of hand made hot sauce is vegan friendly and gluten free, meaning nobody needs to miss out!

With the thousand bottles of our first batch of flagship Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce selling out in just weeks, I knew I had something special. So naturally, I recruited the family to bring Old Bones Chilli Co to you.

At OB, we’re hands on from start to finish. From hand smoking the chilli to the hours we spend in the 'Labelling Throne', we make sure every bottle is hand  crafted to meet our high standards. We break all the rules, mixing and matching cultures, cuisines and ingredients to take you on a flavour ride.

And, we do more than just create banging products. Sustainability is a huge focus at Old Bones Chilli Co. Not only do we source our chillis from local sustainable producers right here in Australia, but we are also working on growing our own under LED lights, with plans to share that knowledge in a move to promote a greener future... so stay tuned!

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