Chilli Growing

Jun 12, 2020

OB Ghetto Guide to Home Grown Chillis - Part 2: TransPLANTing

In Part 2 of this ghetto grow guide, we are looking at how to transplant your chilli seedlings from the seed tray to their new pots, the type of soil to use, watering, and the best spots to keep seedlings to get them thriving!

May 15, 2020

OB Ghetto Guide to Home Grown Chillis - Part 1: Germinating Your Seeds

There's no better feeling than growing something from a seed, to plant, to plate. Learn how to grow your own chillis at home with our Ghetto Guide to Home Grown Chillis, a four part series. We're starting at the very beginning, with what we've found to be the best way to germinate chilli seeds.
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